OkCupid Prank

OkCupid Prank

Taken from the scene of the OKCupid prank ; This image captures the product of the social media prank organised by the much loved 4Chan image-board social media website/ organisation.
4Chan users are known for their collective actions or “pranks” for social media and of course our pure entertainment.

The gist of this diabolical plan was to first off pose as young attractive single women on the dating site OkCupid.
The pranksters then went on to lure single undesirables or existing “forever alone” characters to 46th street and Broadway in Times Square New York at 7:30pm on Friday the 13th in May.

The aim was to create an involuntary flashmob of unknowing forever aloners.
The assumption was that the lonely men up to date with popular meme running through most social media site would see the hint and leave.
This hint was large printouts of the forever alone guy, plastered on suffices in the vicinity.
All men aware of the character would understand that they had been pranked and would leave.
All left would be used as entertainment.

This was the plan, a great one at that, however due to the 4Chan users’ choice in victim and shy nature, the prank fell apart
Only 3 men showed up for the “date”
leaving the battleground bare and the entertainment short.

Although a flop the idea to this prank shows the viral like spread of communication through social medias. The forever alone guy is an image that took moments to reach both ends of the world, This collective action persecuted the lonely men who were not aware of the meaning of this meme.
The knowledge of this meme may have saved the dignity of a few men, if they had turned up in the first place.


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