Is This Multiculturalism?

Are we so self obsessed that we don’t realise the persecution we are inflicting on our fellow travellers?
Why are we in a situation where people fear us? Students fear us?
They don’t feel welcome?

The recent radio broadcast by ABC News – Tourism up but Indian students staying home -opened my eyes to the growing decline in international students, particularly those of Indian background, as well as that impact on our economy

When thinking about the international students I automatically thought of how their new arrival impacts them whether they are acceptated with society. Or simply left alone. Or if they are ridiculed.

In fact it has a huge impact on Australia as to whether foreign students enjoy themselves here.
Many Indian students said “they didn’t feel safe in Australia, people had told them not come here but they thought it would be fine”

The attacks on the indian students occurred recently in 2009. Where proud Australians went out of their way to persecute the indian newcomers.
Although we have been brought up in a multiculturalist nation, our vision is inwards, and in some cases we are outright racists. Many times in a year you can hear the words “go back to where you came from”. The chill that comes with words like those can completely change the experience of a foreigner, they are fragile, away from home with a language barrier. All they want in acceptance or a little understanding and most are greeted with ride remarks and in the 2009 case violence.

Australia’s new campaign should be “Violence against newcomers, Australia says no!”fight-racism-force

-no way im not racist I love Chinese food- It seems many people don’t understand when they are being racist they assume since they appreciate one aspect of a culture that they understand it and if they mock it slightly its all in jest.

Tourism Forecasting Committee chairman – Bernard Salt-  in his interview with ABC News said that 1 year after the violent attacks on the Indian students “the nuber of syudents arriving for educational purposes has dereased by 20%”
the indian communities don’t feel safe here. Grown men and women fell unsafe stepping onto our soil. And it is costing us dearly.
racism is wrong Bernard Salt said that downturn of students to Australia could coz us close to$80 million in lost revenue. Wil this affect outr tourism industry? Australia has a huge part of its economy coming in through tourism and if our people continue with the same behaviour as weve been seeing recelty then we may not have an industry for every long. People will fear Australia as the racist country and our economy will pay for it.

We claim cultural diversity but its not what we enforce.

DCF 1.0

Australia was considered a tolerant country in the “World Value, Top 5 Most Racist Countries” asking the question how do you feel about living next door to someone of a different ethnicity. Ironically India was in the top 5. Even so by foreigners Australia is still seen to be quite racists. It’s the small minority that is ruining it for the rest if us. And the majority hat in no way can make up for it.

We can still come back from this. Mr Gautam Gupta spoke with Bernard Salt in the ABC News broadcast and said that there is still hope for us yet. If the violent attacks continue to fall the Indian student numbers may rebound. The production is for a 4.3% increase, which can have a great impact of our economy.

it is also up to our Australian travelers to broadcast our country, in the past few ears the number of travelers has seen to be greater than the number of newcomers and is said to continue like this for a number of years

Can Australia change its stripes for the better?

Can we save our tourism industry?

Will we welcome newcomers with open arms?


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