The Obscure Rap Culture


When discussing Rap the genre, little is thought about the less than stereotypical rappers. The few outliers seem to be ignored, or are categorised in an alternative rap genre.

Rappers in the UK move further away from the typical gangster rapper, writing lyrics about the hood, the hard life of the ghetto. They are generalised as a different vibe, a different class of rapper and a different sound. Even still there are rapper even more dissimilar to the African American rapper.



ImageThe orthodox rapper. Strange, yes. Non-the less this rapper and his fans agree that he is in fact a rapper, with no less of a degree to therappers of the US.

In an interview with The Jewish Chronicle Eprhyme, aka Eden Pearlstein spoke about his influences in Washington state as a child. He grew up listening to Reggae rather than rap, however he later on in his life he was highly influenced by hip hop.

He said at the age of 14 he became amerced by the culture and was rhyming and free styling as much as he could

Although Eprhyme lacked the life of the hood, which in rapping culture seems to be a must, he continues to make quality rap music that is recognized by hip hop group in New York, Since moving to New York a year ago, he has become a regular at the city’s premier hip hop club, SOB’s. He finds his role to be about bringing Judaism to the hip hop scene.

In the same interview with The JC Eprhyme said that
“Most of my career has not been in the Jewish world, mainly because up in Olympia, Washington, there are not a lot of Jews. I have been touring and releasing albums for six or seven years and mainly on the West Coast underground circuit. So I took a different trajectory.”

He has been impressed with how well the hip hop culture accepted him.he said  his music has gone down well with both crowds, The Jewish and the Rappers

He has been recognized as an authentic rapper, dispite his faith and rap content.

Eprhyme said that being a Jewish rapper in New York City is not such a big deal.

“There have always been Jews in hip hop. There are a lot of African Americans in New York but also a lot of Jews. It’s only natural that Jews should be a subculture in this movement.”

His recent move to London has allowed Eprhyme to expand his influence and hopefully encourage young rapper like himself to embrace their faith and rap the way their heart feel they should, rather than sticking to the stereotypical African American rapper.Image


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