Define Human Rights.

The recently passed law in Russia has refused the rights to individuals identifying themselves as gay or LGBT.

This has affected the gay society in Russia greatly and yet people from all over the world are offended by this discrimination whether they are part of the gay society or supporters

Protesters from around the world have gathered to fight for the victims of Russia who cant speak out in their own country for fear of prosecution and their own safety.  “Kiss-in” protests held in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, were filmed and posted on the online Global News . The events held all around the were coined “To Russia, With Love.”

The protests were peaceful and only wanted to show people that being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered should not be feared. Their aim was to fight for the rights that they so justly deserve through love and peace.

“A kiss is a beautiful sign of love, so it goes against exactly what’s happening in Russia,” said Kat Coric; a member and organizer of one of the many protests.

In the article “Russia says anti-gay law will not affect Games” in the Reuters, the concern is currently with the Olympic games. Predominantly with the laws affect on the games?

“In his letter Deputy Prime Minister (Dmitry) Kozak underlines that ‘Russia has committed itself to comply strictly with the provisions of the Olympic Charter and its fundamental principles, according to item 6 of which “any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement,” said Rogge

It most certainly should not! In my opinion, the games should not even be held in Russia. If they cannot keep their people from feeling unsafe then how can they manage to host such a great event such as the Olympics?

The Olympics symbolises peace. Whilst the games are on, nations come together to peacefully compete, with no discrimination to race gender and by association sexuality. If the hosting country does not follow the ideals of the Olympics of equality then how can they host such a prestigious event?

The officials of the games have neglected the global cries for help from the Russian LGBT citizens.

It has gotten to the point where raids have been made into the home of the alleged gay activists.


This ludicrous behaviour needs to stop.

If all we gather from this is that equality is being blatantly rejected for people of this society then why are we allowing it to happen.

I personally believe that the UN should step up and remove Russia of the rights to host the games. The idea of the Olympics is peace and if Russia is denying gays of privacy and their own rights then how is that fair.

Steps are being made to try and change the location of the games through a petition, which George Takei (a member of the LGBT society and a former actor of the much loved TV series Star Trek) has backed.

The debate regarding the new law deals with human right as well as the religious or personal belief of the countries citizens.  In some religious groups the act of being gay is frowned upon, as is association. People who disapprove of gay individuals have a right to their own opinion but for as long as they h

old this right, they should respect the rights of others.

The circumstances of this issue have lead us to believe that a silencing of the “undesirables” is taking place. Where individuals have no say. This is not a view I wish to see develop. And I feel it will definitely affect the games and this discrimination needs to stop somewhere.

How could we have let it get this out of hand?



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