Its Fun But Is It Healthy?


I love the idea of being able to dress up as your favourite character in a movie or TVshow. The most common occasion for this is a dress up party, but theydon’t come around nearly as often enough.

comic con or similar conventions like it are the perfect opportunity to make your own costume weeks before, battling with the sewing machine or ordering it from a far away country and hoping it will get to you in time.

Conventions allow you to show you loves of entertainment and bond with people you’ve never met over your similar costumes or the shared love you both may have.

The fan girling has to be one of the best experiences. Walking into the convention center seeing that one thing you cant live without, or that one character/ actor parading around like they know they’re all that, and you still want to cry and beg them for their autograph, you don’t care if it cost you a 780 lithium bars  (startrek reference)


The world of fandom can be dangerous though. Even with the cosplay and conventions. “Is There Something Psychologically Unhealthy About Being a Fan?” By Phoebe Reilly discusses the negatives to fangirling

The docile fan is forgotten in this article where the focus lies in the obsession.

“We’ve all heard the harrowing stories of fans whose obsessions went too far: the Selena Gomez stalker, the Twi-hards who have tattooed entire tableaus from the series onto their backs, the Harry Potter enthusiast who stabbed someone for saving a seat at a Marvel panel.”


In Reilly’s article the topic of Dr. Drew Ramsey’s (a Columbia professor of psychiatry and co-author of The Happiness Diet) studies. Where he believes that being a fan  “tips into the danger area as it moves beyond idle interest”

The extent of investment that goes into being a fan is proof enough. The cost, the dedication and the obsession is obvious and widely admitted between fans.

The purpose of fiction is to temporarily escape reality.

Ramsey stated,  “Our hopes and fears for our own relationships get displaced onto these fictional characters. I understand the desire to escape, but it concerns me when people spend time worrying about fiction rather than improving their reality.”

Its true when one does or is having issues with reality they find another world where they can be someone else for a short whole. The issue lies between what is appropriate and obsession.  When will the fan either be at peace with their reality or become so consumed with their fictional reality that they can no longer hold a job, cannot take care of themselves and become a hazard to themselves and the people around them

Fanning is appropriate is small doses. If our choice of entertainment did not make us feel like we could escape then it wouldn’t be doing its job. However it is best in moderation, as is everything. Too much fanning could be dangerous.

Reilly, P. 2012 “Is Being a Fan Physically Unhealthy?” The Vulture, weblog post,  16 October, viewed 20 August


2 thoughts on “Its Fun But Is It Healthy?

  1. I feel like fandom is similar to drinking. Everyone does it, and everyone loves to look down on those that do it more frequently than they do. Good work on finding that article source. It’s very interesting! Couldn’t agree more with the point in the final paragraph: “There is camaraderie. A common shared interest brings people together… that’s a positive thing.”

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post! I have never been to a Comic Con but I think it would be really good to go to! I think it is great to be able to get together with other people who have the same interest and interact with them!

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