Is Canada doing the right thing? Should we follow?

The word Plagiarism comes from a Latin word meaning “kidnap”

We know plagiarism is wrong and yet e still do it. Is it because we want to be rebellious? Or because we know we can get away with it? If there are know consequences then, why not do it?

Canada has recently been trying to bring in a bill which “imposed a limit of $5,000 on damages awarded for non-commercial copyright infringement, which applies to the average consumer who downloads films.” (David Fewer, The Canadian Press)

Canada says that their collective goal is not to sue everyone but to show downloaders that there are consequences.

Who is going to download when they know someone is watching and at any moment they could be fined dearly and even imprisoned. For just the simple act of copying? Really? Yes, because although no one likes to acknowledge it, it is stealing. But what is stealing these days anyway. People share music all the time, people share movies all the time. Who are we really hurting? Only the large corporate producers who are ripping us off anyway. We aren’t hurting any one. Its not a real crime. Tell that to Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who was fined $220,000 for illegally downloading music off the internet. I can tell you she would be doing that again. She was found guilty and fined for having downloaded 24 illegal music tracks…. It could happen to you.

But still the question remains why?

Soon enough piracy wont be a problem, in that everyone around us will eventually be downloading movies and music for our own benefit with out paying “The Man”.

It is necessary for other countries to follow in suit behind Canada and their crack down on Internet theft. Indeed it does seem like a problem to the corporate componies selling their good s at extremely high prices but snt that what happens  eventually? If your prices are to high we will go somewhere else.. and in this case it is the online sites giving people access to free entertainment.

Candas response is tamer than it could have been, the US has fines from 200,000 o 250,000, Canada’s fines are a much smaller percentage at 5000. Canada could encourage a reduction of illegal downloading, but if the world takes on these laws who many people will they aggravate, and how will these aggravated people retaliate?



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