Reflection BCM240

The Design

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 4.48.02 PM

The design of my blog could most definite have been better. I found that when first approaching a blog it wasn’t simply a dashboard to post thoughts and ideas. Maneuverability was key as well. My tech-savy nature is highly malnourished and I found myself lacking in the knowledge of organization of my design. To correct this I changed my design to something very simple. Where the reader would simply read down the home page through my blogs.
if I was to change it in anyway I would most definitely add menu bars, so my readers could chose similar blogs from similar categories.

Reader Engagement

To fully engage my audience I first needed to visualise them. I need to keep to my audience and write to their interests. With the set topics for each week this became a little more difficult than I had first anticipated, however it was a challenge and it took it in my stride, I tried my best to engage my audience with visuals. I found that related images and videos keep me reading so I used my own experience to help my blog.

Most importantly I wrote to my audience. Each week I rummaged through the Internet to find some interesting sources and viewpoint of the topic. If I were interested in the topic I knew my readers would be.

The proof was in the pudding. My week 6 blog was based on fandoms, I focused on comic con and the dangers are being part of a fanbase or the act of being a fan in itself. . It was this blog that received the most response than my others. I had included comic con visuals and spoken about a popular event with an interesting viewpoint.Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 4.50.48 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.16.36 PM


On that day I received the most and only comments I had on my blog and a whopping total of 7 views. Although a significantly low number, for my first blogging experience I say it could have gone much worse.  Over all my blog has received;

73 views and 2 comments

67 views from Australia

3 for the United States of America

3 from Malaysia and

2 comments from Australia

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.11.30 PMScreen Shot 2013-09-27 at 4.49.18 PM

I thought my blogs were engaging, the topics I chose were interesting and easily read, I had a few people view them however only a few commented. My blogs often didn’t strike questions or debate..  To change this I think I need to ask more questions and write my blog with slight debate to encourage interactivity and promote my blog.  As well as using tags and links more affectively. At first I was hesitant with over tagging my work and linking within the blog,

Tricks and Tips

My trouble is I’ve never written a blog before. The tricks of the trade surpassed me and I found that in some cases I couldn’t bring a viewer to my blog let alone have them read it completely and comment with feed back.

If I could improve anything I would most definitely improve my links and tags. By publicising my blog I could then have more people reading my thoughts rather than skimming over or ignoring completely.

If I had more confidence I would have tried to expand my platform by introducing vlogs (video blogs) to engage my audience in a completely different manner. When listening or watching and learning I find that vlogs are more engaging with an audience than written platforms simply because the audience is listening to a person rather than reading a screen. With confidence the vlogger can hold the attention of the audience for much longer than words. However more serious iss

ue can sometimes be dulled down by the medium of a vlog. I feel a combination of both would be incredibly engaging

I used Problogger to help me try to improve my clickability with tips such as your choice of title. Early engagement is key with the use of visuals and witty introductory lines a blogger can quickly get the attention of a reader and hopefully encourage them to continue reading.

“An average of 8 readers out of 10 will read a blog post title, while less than 3 out of the same 10 readers will read the rest of the article.”

Media Audience and Place

This blogging exercise has shown me how media audience and place is all around us, how important blogging can be and how greatly media audience and place can affect the world and most importantly how they affect each other.

I had never really thought about the kind of influence media, audience and place could have, and in some cases I didn’t even know these topics were even involved. In reality I thought these topics were linked in some ways but nowhere near as linked as they truly are.

I’ve realised that the younger generations are becoming more and more reliant on new media and its spread of current affairs.  They are the new audience and now have the ability to spread their own ideas through platforms such as blogs, vlogs and chat rooms.


Nwachukwu, J. 2013 “5 Tips To Writing Irresistibly Clickable Blog Titles” Problogger (web blog) 22 July, accessed on 15 September 2013

Getting More Views and Traffic” Word Press (Web blob help centre) accessed on 20 September 2013.



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