What do you get when combine a Spotify and a Google?

“Media convergence is more than simply a technological shift. Convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets. Genres and audiences, convergence refers to the process. But not an endpoint”(Jenkins, p34, 2004)

By comparing this statement to the technology Spotify we can determine the direct correspondence to between this technology and Jenkins’ theories.

Spotify allows the flow of media between users of its technology through itself as well as, a limited but still present, communication between social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The sharing option designed to promote artists their media and the technology. This seemingly simple option of sharing communication between these technologies has greatly shifted their relationships. This change in relationship brings credibility to a new technology.

These new bonds change the relationship and behaviours of technologies excluded from the initial convergence, take google for example in their latest bid to buy the rights of Spotify
“Breaking: Google Acquiring Spotify In $4.1 Billion Deal…”

The large multi-billion dollar company google had once been excluded from the convergence of Spotify with other forms of technology. In an attempt to reclaim status and hopefully have an edge when competing with rival leading corporations such as Apple.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek is quickly becoming one of tech’s most important entrepreneurs and visionaries.  ”I’m thrilled by this acquisition and the belief that Google has placed in us,” Ek statement.  ”While we’ve operated as healthy competitors to this point, I think we always considered joining together to help build the future of music consumption and a place for artists to grow.” (Digital Music News, 2014)

Spotify have shown their capabilities in reaping the benefits of technological convergence whilst still keeping its prior relationships in tact it has expanded its credibility, revenue, status and in due time it’s productivity.


Jenkins, H. 2004 “The cultural logic of media convergence”, International journal of Cultural Studies, vol 7, no. 1, pp33-43

Resnikoff, P. 2014 “Breaking: Google Acquiring Spotify In $4.1 Billion Deal…” Digital Music News, Santa Monica, CA. accessed 26/03/2014 http://www.digitalmusicnews.com/permalink/2014/04/01/breaking0401


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