Sleepify for Spotify

The giant corporation that is Spotify has created the perfect online environment for interaction with users, media, it’s database and corresponding social networking sites.
From a user’s point of view it is good value for money (if they have premium membership), the company seems to be doing well with the technology expanding day by day, but with all these positives there must be a loss somewhere. That loss is with the artists, the issue of rates and royalties that each artist gets per song per play is much lower than you would expect. Ideally an artist’s work could be played thousands of times per day on repeat, doubly so on weekends, and with that they would easy say their revenue from their Spotify plays alone are steady and reasonable, however many artists; new and upcoming o simply just not in the top charts are stuck with the small percentage of the cake once all the hierarchy has taken their share.
The LA funk band Vulfpeck has taken it into their own hands to shake the tables.
In the article “Quiet riot on Spotify as band pays for free tour with silent album” it discusses how this manipulation of the big guys has been so successful and how it was initiated.

Through the help of their fans Vulfpeck introduced their 4th album Sleepify with is composed entirely of silence. Their fans and users of Spotify play and repeat the 10, 30 second tracks through the night. The band estimates that they earn 0.5 cents per play per song. This stunt will attempt to raise money for a free tour they will hopefully be hosting this Autumn(US). So far it has been estimated that they will earn roughly $4 per night, hijacking Spotify’s seemingly manipulable-resistant system.

The band has made jokes about the album asking fans to not shuffle the silent album. Stating “Please don’t ‘shuffle’ sleepify,”. “I know this might come off snobbish, but we spent a lot of time on track order.” Vulfpeck also announced, “Z is a single. The following tracks (Zz, Zzz, Zzzz … etc) are remixes of Z.” ( Vulfpeck in CNet, Trenholm, 2014)

Spotify representative calls this album a stunt and states”We prefer Vulfpeck’s earlier albums. Sleepify seems derivative of John Cage’s work,”referring to John Cage’s infamous silent work 4′33″ of1952. (Spotify representative in CNet, Trenholm, 2014)


Trenholm, R. 2014, “Quiet riot on Spotify as band pays for free tour with silent album” CNet Online, accessed 02/04/2014


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