Is Spotify Transmedia compatible?

According to Jenkins a ‘transmedia narrative’ is the process of distribution through multiple delivery channels of which built in elements of fiction are dispensed systematically, for the purpose a of unified entertainment experience

Spotify, even as a new and growing technology already has the capacity to support transmedia narratives, distributing the content through its already existing channels.

Spotifys partnerships, which have increased its market and range in relation to publicity and exposure, is evident to the public without extensive research. The undemanding task of signing up or logging in is an example; where the user or future users has the opportunity to make an account from scratch or use their Facebook account details, where Spotify automatically finds your details and fills in the rest. This kind of partnership has a two way communication allowance, promoting both parties and in Spotify’s case extending their ability to produce transmedia narratives.  Once Spotify users have the ability to connect through Spotify to Facebook, they have the ability to share, publish, post and promote.
Similarly Spotify’s relationship with Twitter is clearly shown through user connectivity through sharing. Spotify’s share option s allow their users to share media, events and playlists, to their twitter follows, their Facebook friends and directly to friends through email.

Spotify’s growing relationship with Facebook is apparent in Lara O’Reilly’s Marketing Week article titled “Spotify launches biggest UK marketing push”. This article shows the building relationship between Spotify and leading social media companies. The three videos used by Spotify to help promote their product, furthermore promotes its delivery channels; Facebook, Skype and Instagram.

Kevin Brown; European head of media relations for Spotify, discussed with industry magazine Music Week the importance of partnerships to Spotify and how they have helped the establishment gain over 1 million active users in the past four months. Although this article is based on the new marketing strategies of Spotify, through this we can assume that Spotify is extending its partnerships in turn extending its capability of supporting transmedia narratives


O’Reilly, L. 2014. “Spotify launches biggest UK marketing push”, April 2014, Marketing Week magazine online, accessed 17/04/14



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