#bringbackourgirls.. is it enough?

Information has been adapted, or rather the mediators have adapted to process information differently; quickly, more efficiently as well as distributing them through multiply platforms and channels to reach a large audience, on a global level.


One example is the recent issue with the 230 or so, young, female, African students who were taken just before sitting an exam at their boarding school. The issue was almost ignored by most of the world for nearly 3 weeks.

The response received after the 3 week lull was immense. The virtually outdated news was rekindled. The support for this cause had clearly reached all corners of the world, with celebrities tweeting, posting and instagraming the new catch phrase #bringbackourgirls

This issue and the media coverage or rather publicity shows a true depiction of how fast news can travel using our abundances of technology. And yet the story of these missing girls is still not being publicised nearly enough through television, newspaper and large organisation run media forms. This message to save the girls is being transmitted through the people. The people care, and yet it still took 3 weeks for the news to reach a level of aware that seems morally appropriate.

Upworthy, an online based international current affair media company, aims to publicise issues that affect the people and our surroundings all over the globe. Upworthy published a video of Nigerian actress Stella Damasus pleading for help from her government and thanking the support the rest of the world has shown. In her video she aims to confront her government about the abductions and the other actions of the terrorist group Boko Haram. Damasus sees fault in her government however the major issues she discusses besides the school girl abductions seems foreign to me. Never have I heard of the 2 recent bombs in the Nigerian capital, or of death-count starting at the beginning of this year totalling to thousands, thanks to Boko Haram.

Michelle Obama recently gave a speech regarding the abducted girls. In it she spoke of the support the world has shown and how she herself is supporting the #bringbackourgirls campaign. However she also stated that issues such as these; where girls are taken for slavery, young brides, Stating that this is not an isolated incident, “a story we see every day as girls around the world risk their lives to pursue their ambitions.”. Michelle Obama mentioned the young teenage Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai, who survived a bullet in the head on her way to school. She also stated that 65 million girls worldwide do not attend or are unable to attend school even though an educated woman can earn more and support healthier families.

The world’s ability to spread word is impressive however we seem to pick and choose which current affairs deserve the spotlight.




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