Starting DIGC202

Throughout the course I hope to learn much more about social media sites i have yet to explore predominantly Twitter, which has recently fallen into my media platform peripherals, and Reddit which up until now I have purely known it to be a media site dedicated to links, videos and gifs dedicated to cats.

I wish to explore a range of themes and interests in relation to global networks; at the moment I have quite a few however I have been interested in how media and platforms can affect its viewers. How extreme the follows can get and the groups formed through the common interest in the platform or media.

In other words fan-bases. ALL THE FAN-BASES! And everything about them. I’d like to research the major influences to and of fan-bases, hopefully identifying particular aspects which change depending on either; their environment, their time, their audience.

I hope to explore the fan-bases members, their involvement in the fan bases, conventions and cosplaying, the shift in the viewing of the media after the fan-base is established or the end of the course I would like to have a link between the growth of fan-bases, their popularity and their extreme natures, however the large amount of fan-bases i would need to filter through would be life depriving.

I wish to explore the way in which fan-bases act as a “life link” and “life gain” in that the fans and the community keep the media alive and constant for years after its estimated or assumed life expectancy *cough* Firefly *cough*.

The influence fan-bases have on their fans and audiences outside their areas is powerful, the large communities with common interests draws in many new fans into an amazing new world with the help and guidance of fellow obsessors, I mean followers who are more likely to help you out if you have similar interests or are part of their fan-base. I’ll attempt to explore this relationship and get a better understanding of how the comfortable blanket of the fan community shifts the attitudes of the members



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