Privacy within internet seems to be a growing a commodity.

Information is more easily published online, more easily accessible and more easily stored by; users, websites and organisations. This “article” discusses the issues of storing information that completely ignores all users’ rights to privacy; the new law “the right to be forgotten” at least gives users some chance to partially retain their privacy. 

The new law states that information must be removed if it affects a person’s right to “freedom of speech”. The issue arose when a Spanish man found that outdated information regarding previous debt was still accessible through Google. 

Though this attempt to rectify these issues is promising, this law shouldn’t even need to exist. 

Unexpected monitoring systems that billions of users use without the knowledge that their content is firstly not theirs but secondly saved and stored in large databases that may be accessed at a later date. This system is Snapchat (see article). Yeah I know. All those awful selfies and stupid videos are saved. SAVED!!  Without your knowledge. How insane is that!?


The DuckDuckGo search engine has become increasing popular due to their ‘no tracking’ policy. Users are beginning to switch from Google and their constant monitoring. 

In saying that the issue remains that our need for communication and upkeep of trends in technology had lead us to a state where we take the risk. The issue of privacy within our vast forms of communication is not seen as a threat. 

Our trust with the internet has led to the abuse of its users through mass storage of personal information. Privacy is an important right and maintains safety. The fact that individuals can access the personal information of others for their selfish benefit is alarming and definitely needs to be dealt with. Even still talk is cheap, the issues remains; are we capable of changing it? Is the current communication network part of the issue and if we can possibly change the privacy holes in the system will we even have a system by the end of it?


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