How much technology is too much technology?

To be honest the quantity we have currently is excessive. Our dependency is excessive and most importantly our knowledge or recognition of these issues is well under the required amount.

What scares me is our lack of care firstly for ourselves but even to other. Some might say their dependency on technology is their prerogative however when that constant need for technology puts not only themselves but others at risk it becomes so much more of an issue. I am talking about our need for communication flow, our constant clicking away no matter what the company, no matter what the situation. Being rude to a friend and scrolling own your Facebook news feed when they are trying to have a REAL LIFE conversation with you is bad enough. But reply to a text whilst traveling 80km an hour in a moving vehicle that is at your control is another.

It is one of the leading causes of accidents at present, almost on par with drink driving or even worse (texting vs. drinking). We all know that alcohol affects the brain; it numbs senses and desensitises risk analysis, reflexes and reaction times. Phone use while driving is said to be just as dangerous. If someone were to idly stop looking at the road for the 3 long seconds every 10 minutes people would think the had a death wish.

However when there is a phone in their hand it’s just being social or consideration of the receiver’s time.  This article discusses how texting whilst driving has now surpassed drink driving as a public hazard. And to think the amount of drivers these days with mobile phones is close to all. If all those drivers are checking their phones every 5 minutes imagine safe the roads would be.

The concept of presence bleed is highly relevant to this issue. Where the individual is in a constant state of anxiety waiting for a communication flow. Gregg, M (2009, ‘Function Creep)describes it as “where the location and time of one’s labour becomes a secondary consideration to the task of managing the expectation and/or possibility that one is available and willing to work”
technology users are putting aside their safety, taking the risk, all so they don’t disrupt the flow o information.

Communication and information are drugs to modern day users. Our devices are attached to our hips or rather our palms and are constantly distracting us from living. Every hit we wait for isn’t enough and we can spend hours upon hours scrolling through nothing. Our down from the drug is hunger, sleep deprivation and delusions of reality. When will enough be enough? The safety of many has been put at risk for the demented social standards of our world today. Well soon get to point where our world will see our unrealistic forms of communication as more value than our lives.

Here is a more light hearted video, but even still we can see his dependency n communication flow in his attempts to recreate his technologically fueled lifestyle

Gregg, M (2009), ‘Function Creep: Communication technologies and anticipatory labour in the information workplace’, New Media and Society.


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