Moving to the Middle Ages

Ifeudalism is a theory based on the political and social system of feudalism of the Middle Ages. Based on the holding of estates for a tariff, the hierarchical governed system exploited the lower classes for the benefit of the elite.

If any one single industry can encapsulate this progression from democratic systems to feudal, it would be the music industry. The idea is that the producers have the intell, equipment and the know how to publicise the client. For this the client must revoke their rights of owner ship for their work, only receiving a smidgen of the profits. A system based on a figeritive credit or loan, as the client creates revenue the producers are entitled to divy it up as they see fit. 
Spotify is a major contender in the battle of the king of feudalistic music industry. Providing an already existing system with users, publicity, revenue and advertising, spotify has the opportunity to sign artists at the rate they dictate.

Spotify reserves the right to full control of the media previously owned by the artists. The 2012 blog “Spotify Royalties” commissioned by Top 100 Ebook Ranking states that the artists receive $0.0055 per stream in 2012, according to the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 comprehensive income statement. According to chief content officer Ken Parks, Itunes pays out 70% revenue to rights holders, where Spotify pays out 65% to 70% of revenue in content costs, (interview SXSW editorial director Bill Werde). The clear distinction  between the integrity of the two is clear. 

Feudalism has already reached countless industries other than musical, if it has spread this far how long until it takes full control? It’s only a matter of time until feudalism reaches our physical lifestyles. 
Ancient Greek anacyclosis describes a pendulum political and social status swinging between feudalism and democracy. Can this be applied to our current status? Are we seeing this progression already? Can we change it or is it inevitable?



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