Mine comes with a built in hatchet!

The long standing battle between Apple and android still remains just as stubborn, just a futile. 
Firstly who needs a heart rate monitor on their phone, anyhoo to the point. 

Software from both hardware are stolen manipulated and redistributed with a different label. Ie the slide to unlock programming and coding is and was created by samsung. Every slide to unlock action that any apple users use gives royalties to samsung. Our handy dandy stylish pocket lives are wrapped up in stolen goods, and wrapped again in lawsuits. Neither are completely innocent

There are so many levels to argue in the debate if iOS vs android, and there are countless variables. Firstly it depends on how quality is judged. If it is through popularity, the outcome is dependant on how you measure it, for instance the higher number of users of androids could be due to the variety of providers where Apple only has themselves. As well as the use of the phones; apple users typically use more apps. If a company was looking to make an app for one or the other they would need to take into account the market, as well as the fact that androids’ resolution and screen sizes change regularly. In this case the iOS would be the more suitable option. 
Judging solely on systems and functions andriod is streets ahead of the iPhone. The software recently updated in the new 2014 iPhone 6 had similar features as the 2012 Nexus 4.  The recognisable humorous confrontation from Ron Amadeo on Google+ directed at Apple soon after their live stream and announcement of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6-plus. 


As you can see the ‘new’ features apple has included in their most recent iPhone is borrowed ingenuity, years behind the innovative engineers of Nexus. Apple is living in the past and yet their products are still being sold at alarming rates, especially considering this public confrontation from Ron Amardeo, and the price. This seems to be due to their uniform systems and their marketing. 
On marketing level apple has done incredibly well, convincing customers to spend triple value on 2 year old systems is quite a feat. From this perspective they are admirable. However the issue still stands that apple is using outdated systems, selling them by simply covering them in a new shiny cover and the elite poisonous apple. 

All in all I find androids to be, the over all better option, however in saying that; there will always be some areas in which apple excels where android manufacturers have yet to master, for instance; uniformity. 
To each there own. I find that many long term users of apple will stay loyal to their providers, where android users are willing to shop around for the most suitable phone not nesasarily biased towards any brand; Nexus, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorolar. Either way a phone is a phone they both do the same things simply depends on how much you are willing to spend, and how you’d like it to look. 


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