Passive? What’s that?

The difference between modern media and traditional is that the individual is at the end of the production line. The consumer appears to be but not necessarily passive. 
Richard Halls Semiotics; Encoding and Decoding text, refers to the notion of resistance reading, we have an option to negotiate however most often are passive. Indeed this is true however we rarely take advantage of this oportunity. It seems to be out of the social norm, we don’t want to seem like the oldies who took at the morning paper or the angry grunt who yells profusely at the news reader through the radio.

Citizen journalism has paved new paths for prosumers! Breaking free of our passive natures we are encouraged to debate, discuss and critique our fellow prosumers. The users of the inter webs have almost taken ownership of these spaces, taking pride in what is published, publicly supporting those with similar values and down right abusing those who state otherwise. Looking at the users of these spaces as a nation we are one very critical, very opinionated, stubborn bunch of nomads. We float from forum to forum, chat room to chat room and status to status in the hope that something will spark our interests and we’re, once again, involved in a discussion about nothing. Our aim is to publish our voices online rather than project them towards a physical listener. 

To be fair our decline in personal communication has developed into a positive progression of online speech. Users are increasingly becoming a part of the journalistic world, providing a new habitat filled with countless more opinions and reviews on popular topics. Our knowledge has be reformed into the knowledge of the people rather than the elite, we are encouraged to question reports and results. We are not affraid to voice our concerns to the public and our growing technologies are only supporting this.

The current consumers of information are definitely not passive, and if anyone says otherwise they’ll recieve mountains of hate mail, opinionated rants and CAPS essays that prove otherwise


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