Fixing World Peace with the Click of a Button

The new age of hashtag has givern it’s blessing to those hoping to show their devotion  to a cause from the safety of their room. This increasing trend of hash tagging a cause and to then recieve a wave of adoration for you humble giving nature is ridiculous. 
In a recent interview with ABC Action News, Professor Benford stated “- it helps some people feel good about themselves, what’s wrong with that?” Well what’s right with narcissistic publicity? 


Twitter YouTube and Facebook have used the hashtag in quite effective ways for activism. The intention is to spread the word, and it succeeds in doing so.
All publicity is good publicity. I guess spreading awareness is just as good as direct support, at least it’s something. The rule of 99% seems to be important here. Out of the total, 100% of individuals who view your work, 1% will take it in, of that 1% will interact! either commenting, sharing or liking. In this case the activist relie on the 99% to publizice the cause, in the hope that 1% will actively and directly support the cause. 

Out of hundreds and hundreds of cause based hashtag trends I have only seen one which directly affected the issue at hand. This was the ice bucket challenge. In the first few weeks of the trend the usual burst of excitement and true form to the donations was there. The common slope in publicity or donations didn’t seem to come. The rythm that usual follows is either the cause isnt spread anymore so people lose interest, or the cause booms without the much needed donations. This challenge however kept the donations coming in right until it dissapeared off the face of the earth. What was unusually is that people were actually promoting the support of the cause as well as their egos. I truly hope to see another campaign that is as affective as this was. 


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