Le Digital Résistance; Beginning to the Never-end

A long history behind the hactivism lends a fair amount of support to hactivists worldwide and from the beginning have all hold the strong belief that all information on the internet should be free. This has created tension between corporations and governments.

The first signs of ‘hacking’ were seen in Massachusetts Institute of Technology where the term was founded in the Tech Model Railroad Club. At the time theses hacks were merely pranks and practical jokes. It was discovered by students studying in artificial intelligence labs where the whistles where found that toy whistles at the right frequency could “phreak” the Ma Bell telephone system into allowing access for free long-distance calls. Both Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, the early founders of Apple were part of this group.

NASA has even been subjected to hacking as early as 1989, the “wank” hack (worms against nuclear killers) is thought to have originated in right here in Australia.(Woo fight the power Aust!)
his was not the first of its kind however the first with political aim.

In 1996 the term hactivism was coined. It was around this time and earlier that hactists groups were being formed to according to the cDc “global domination through media saturation,”. Two major groups included the Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc); their aim was to use technology to better human rights and protect free-flow information, and the Hong Kong Blondes who attacked the Chinese government through their companies and agencies.

At the fresh ae of 15, Christopher Poole created 4Chan. Although not initially politically driven this platform attracted may anonymous hackers with a majority having political minds.it was through 4Chan that these hackers could exchange coding tips and eventually organise cyber plots and operations.

Moving along all the way to 2012 where Interpol arrested 25 members of the Anonymous hacking group. This turning point showed that not only were governments at best disgruntled and angry with hacking groups but they also had the means, the motive and the power to do something about it. It was the anonymous group that reinvented the shamble that was WikiLeaks into their own version known as Par:Anoia (Potentially Alarming Research: Anonymous Intelligence Agency)

Anonymous has continued to be a major contender in the battle against political agencies of anti-free-flow information. Anonymous has even been seen in recent light in their new campaign against ISIS called #OpNoISIS.

I doubt the hacking will stop anytime soon. Currently it is in full swing of the snowball effect and is showing no signs of slowing. Brace ourselves for more cyber battles.


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