Deliberating Daisy’s

Analise Burwood has created a food and film guide like no other. Combining legendary movie reviews with correlating vegan recipes Analise has managed to create a unique and entertaining experience with food and film. 

Inspired by retro milk bars, drive ins, neon,p and pop culture, this site has maintained a virtual link to the past. This niche theme and inspiration has enhanced the atmosphere of such a unique guide. The growing public interest in new diets, especial vegetarianism and veganism, has shown an increase in alternative eating materials, although none can quite compare to this. 

Complimenting meals or snacks with film is something I’ve never fully experienced before. It’s something similar to a complimentary red wine to a prime steak, with just as much elegance. This full bodied experience captures the senses through sound, sight, smell and taste bring out an array of feelings from nostalgia, hunger, satisfaction, amusement, to ecstasy. 

The sites aim to change the experience of food and film has definitely been achieved not only encouraging its audience to watch the film but to also to engage with the film by creating dishes that compliment.
The apspect I enjoy the most from this experience as a whole is the easy going blockbusters teamed with easy dishes that I felt comfortable making with no stress. All the recipes in some way related directly to the associated movie. For example the ghost meringues and jasmine green tea goo. 

My favourite review was focused on back to the furtre. I enjoyed it for a multiple of reasons mainly the choice in the blockbuster. Back to the Future is a great love of mine and the humorous review encouraged me to re- watch it. The choice I. Recipes were clever, the vegan meatloaf looked incredible suited the review very well. For a complete vegan meal the recipe included a decent meal with little to no stress. The inclusion of a second recipe was a surprise to me and the nostalgia of peanut brittle certainly sent me back. This recipe too correlated with the movie and featured in the film. 

As of the 23rd of September the site has reached
5 RSS Subscribers
340 page views; average 15 visits p/day
126 visits; average 5 p/day
102 audience size; average 4 p/day
As a whole the publicity of the page is exceptional, especially concidering the use of a social network separate site. 

The Facebook page /drivingmissdaisysdiner, was a good marketing tool. 
57 likes consisting of friends and others. 
Small engagement received from others.

Instagram page, implemented at a later date; @_daisysdiner
32 followers with higher interactivity. 
Increase of publicity through hashtags
Increase in publicly to like minded individuals incl; food connoisseurs, food enthusiasts, film enthusiasts and actors.

Focusing solely on appearance the site was simple yet charming. The reviews were shown on the home page and could be navigated through the older and newer buttons. The recipes could be accessed separately which I found to be organised and useful, especially when thinking of the site in the further. As the site grows more recipes will be available and this option did and will make it easy for the viewer to select a specific  

The barriers include;
-The website and domain, as four square changes the producer to not only create the site but also to keep it running.
-Camera equipment and photo editing applications
– Ingredients; as the the recipes were dietry specific.
Time consuming;
 – Watching movies
 – Buying food and cooking
 – Collecting data and research; recipe research, photos, editing, publishing
Individual project;
– Oragisation
– Work load
– Support

There only flaws I found seemed to congregate in the design areas. The first was the navigation system revolved around the articles, since the articles could not be found in a list as the recipes were it initially was confusing. This could be simply reworked by adding a drop down bar identical to the recipes where the viewer could choose the review more easily rather than multi-clicking the older and newer buttons. The second was the lack of content in the about section, to be fair the aim of the site can be interpreted through the content however I would have liked to see more information about the inspiration and perhaps reasons for choosing such an interesting project. 

Future plans include a continuation of the project beyond DIGC302. Experimenting with Reddit to expand the marketing system of the site, in the hope to encourage more interactivity and new fans
Increasing the Focus of engagement and using it to advantage the site.
Experienting with advertising increasing the profit top counteract the amenities fee

I hope to see the site progress and am very interested to the a deveopment in aspects such as the advertising, which will hopefully bring in considerable revenue without  cluttering the site. I feel that the site has great potential and the current simple design can definitely withstand higher interaction and an increase in articles. Once there is more content within the site an inspiration page could be added to link the articles with more recipes and images for more depth. 

I wish Analise luck and am very excited to have experienced this unique project.


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