Too bad there’s no vaccine for stupid.

By using both signifiers and signifieds effectively a sensitive topic may be more easily discussed and in some cases even mocked. Satire comics and cartoons tend to use humour to provoke thought about political and current affairs.
Whilst exploring the notion of double entendres in relation to images I came across an cartoon that not only suggested opinions based on current events but also completely mocked the situation with no sign of care.


On face value this woman just seems to have an issue with peanuts, an over protective mother who’s ruining peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for everyone in the playground. Taking a deeper look and concidering current issues, the message that’s portrayed is infact the opposite. Her kind fragile expression and body language makes the woman appear to be pleading rather than commanding which emphasises the notion that she is protesting for a good cause. A mother who is concerned for the well being of her child but in turn fueling a change in the school system that can make lunch time safer for children with allergies. 

Juxtaposing this attitude in a satirical manner is the paired cartoon depicting the same “caring” mother with a soured face, tightly gripped hands, intimidating body language, and just an down right nasty appearance. This cartoon provokes thought from the viewer on a controversial topic.
Through humour it allows a completely biased argument of vaccinating children to be discussed and certainly not in a fair manner. This cartoonist has done well to show the two sides of a person through appearance and a cleverly introduced comparative pun; hinting that, like the left side’s issue the subject is also nuts. In doing so any validity of the anti vax argument has been removed without even stating an opinion. With such a controversial topic being so widely debated, the artist’s assumption regarding knowledge of the issue holds true. The cartoonist lets the audience build the argument themselves, encouraging a particular oppinion while assuming this view is already supported. 

Time and time again we see completely opinionated and entirely incorrect facts (according to “real” science) plastered in our view, in an attempt to sway us to the side of “correct moral judgement”. That’s right give them a round of applause to the anti vaxer. Shoving inaccurate knowledge into the minds of gullible parents who leave it up to others to tell them how to raise their chiildren. 

Every now and again I hear someone stating (out loud) that they don’t or won’t vaccinate their children because it’s…. Wait for…. Safer! It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so scary. But the sad truth is that terrible diseases are striking back after what we thought was an eradication, because simple minded people are choosing not protect their kids with medication that is FREE. 

This image makes the audience think. It becomes a catalyst for many discussions to come. By using connotative effects and understanding the audience this cartoons has managed to promote an idea that needs to be in the forefront of people’s minds


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