Are we on the right hack, I mean track

Evolution; an inevitable growth of organisms adapting and changing to better suit its environment. At least that’s the natural way. But if given the chance to enhance ones features would you consider it, and how far would you go. Depending on our social constructs our species is and has been manipulating our bodies to better evolve in our environment, the difference between what we are doing now and a futuristic world we all can’t help but dream of is a drastic mass change.
As a species we have grown used to concept of supplements. Associated mostly with gym junkies these days, supplements are used to enhance the body much quicker than if done without support,. However supplements have been around long before the trend of gym selfies with a protein shake were in our faces everyday. Supplements are taken for iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and  vit b, t, c, g and p (not real vitamins). It won’t be long before our species becomes comfortable with surgically enhanced features.. More strange to us now than breast implants and hip replacements. 
Gibson’s (1988) ‘Johnny Mnemonic’ pulls us into a world where the norm is cyborg. A combination of human and enhancements. The enhancements Gibson mentions seem to be necesaity to survive. Survival of the fittest has now become survival of the manufactured. When discussing Gibson’s concepts of cyborgs in ‘The Technopholic Body, On technicity in William Gibson’s cyborg culture’ (2000) Thomas states that “when one is presented with a culture governed by cosmetic and functional alterations to the form and organic structure of the human body, it is not hard to imagine an emerging cyborg species that will evolve according to a different  evolutionary logic” and this is exactly what I wish to make a point of. Who’s to say we aren’t already on track to a world like Johnny Mnemonic’s. The human body is like a computer, and in Johnnys case as walking hard drive,  any computer can be manipulated and hacked.  Body ‘hacks’ are being researched and tested for public use already, take the article “5 Mind-Blowing Ways Science Has Hacked the Human Body” by Eddie Rodriguez. Seemingly impossible acts of God are in our reach! I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but I guess we’ll see.  I just hope we don’t all turn out like our poor friend Johnny


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