Free the media

The ownership of media in Australia is unlike any others. Large percentages of our media is influenced by one very powerful man. 
Holding 11 out of 12 news papers Rupert Murdocks’s News Corporation is definitely the governing media group in Australia. 

What’s worse is that back in 2007 the Howrard government gave them even more power by passing legistrlation which allowed media groups to own a 2 out of 3. Meaning in one particular area media groups may own 2 out of 3 media types, ie news papers, TV, and radio. This was brought about as the growing change of media and the influence of traditional media had on the public. This growth in media could have allowed other forms of media to hold greater stakes for in the information world. However after the legislation was passed allowing more control from already too powerful corporations that potential growth subsided. A diversity of voices was expected with the gradual change of media and its forms, however this variety of voices was snuffed before it had a chance. 

This emergence of new forms of media including new  journalists, new platforms and new consumers should have created a larger pool of information reaching the public. What it has infact done is stress the already existing journalists into providing the same voice for an array of forms. Political blogger John Nicholls discussed the issues seen in the US market where this new age of media sshould be unraveling. Nicholls discussed the decline in journalists, stating there are less now than in Turin g the time of president franklin d Roosevelt and the amount of journalists covering Obamas inauguration was less than Reagans. Nicholls has called it a crisis of democracy, the people need to make a stand in order to see any changes. We are governed by media groups who do not always work for our best interests. 

Looking back at the student protests of 2014 against new proposals to cut funding to universities and allow uncapped education, the friendly protesters simply wanted to be heard. Speaking out for their rights to a reasonable priced education these protesters were ridiculed in major newspapers. Said to be dole bludgers and uneducated individuals creating havoc in the city. This obvious manipulation of facts was dismissed and seen as truth simply because of the backing the media group had my the priminister. This is only once instance where we have the seen first hand the kind of influence this group has on the nation. How many other cases of have been reported incorrectly with knowledge that the piece is a lie. How many more do we need to see before we stop it?

Effective journalism takes time, effort and a lot of money. The smaller groups simply can’t compete with the power hungry media dictators that run our lives. It’s about time we wake up to what’s happening around us. Everyday people need to demand a change or no one else will. 


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