Are we settling for a quick scratch when we really need a full body massage.

A quick fix is all you need these days, no substance or depth, very little shared love and certainly no care to do it again. Material, platforms, sites and the process of the online in general are the one night stands of entertainment. Fed quick snacks of high energy, low nutrition and a whole lot of junk consumers of these forms of entertainment are deprived and manure he’d. I can honestly say that it has been months since I last picked up a book and even then I read a few pages and was distracted by the ever present whining of my Facebook feed, I’m ashamed to say I am one of them.. 
The further into Dorner’s (1993) “When readers become end-users: intercourse without seduction”, I felt guiltier. I reread the article about three times just to make sure I wouldn’t be one of the readers she was critizing as a skim reader. However soon after the provoked thoughts had left my head I was once again hooked by the sugar soaked easy readings of buzfeed polls and quick step articles. 
It’s a shame really that it today’s society as referred to by Dorner as ‘post modernist’ we fail to appreciate the courtship of true reading. However I. Saying this, the evolution of reading could be at its next bridge. Indeed people feel less obligated or even motivated to feed their minds with a good fiction or well written truths, however what if we are simply evolving to enjoy a different form of entertainment. The world of interactivity has captured the minds of many, a new age banter between other people rather than characters in a novel. In some cases this can be a good form of  nourishment. Take role playing games for example; groups are formed which lead to bonds,  effective analysis of situations, team work, forward thinking, and entertainment. 

In saying that some interactive forms of entertainment has found to has less than a desirable effect of the participants. Schreier “From halo to hot sauce: what 25 years of violent video game research looks like”, (2013)  discusses the effects of long term bpgaming I pm violent stettings. Like most violent forms of entertainment violence fuels violence. However gaming seems to be one of the most effecting forms. Whether this is fuels by the interactive component of simply enhanced I don’t know.  This is not nessasarily somthing that is seen in all genres or forms of gaming it is simply the most popular. Either way I feel the evolutionary progress we are experiencing in front of our own eyes is definitely something that should not be overlooked and spectra in,y not hindered. I feel their change could the beginning of many new forms of entertainment just waiting to spread their positive influence. And I can’t wait!


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