Consciousness of our surroundings

What is ethical? Are humans becoming more ethical?

Ethics is quite a heavy handed topic, but it short term ethics is a way in which humans can look at the world and see what is fair and just, and tries to pin down what is required to do right for not only humans but for all beings living and non hat occupy the same world

Discussing the ethical behavior humans have towards animals and our environments is becoming a more prevalentHumans are slowly becoming more aware of their impacts with the growing trend of dietary trends such as vegetarianism and veganism. It seems to be that as people there are a few here and there who are changing their lifestyles to better help the world that keeps us living even whilst we poison it.

By changing your diet from meat staples to vegetarian and vegan meals can slowly start to change both the minds of those around you as well as affect the impact on the environment.Not only are herbivores addressing the way in which animals are treated but are also changing the way in which humans impact the world in the long run, by reducing carbon emissions

“Average US consumer switching from a typical American diet to a vegan diet with the same number of calories saves 1.5 tonnes of carbon per year” Eshel G, and P A martin 2006 “Diet, Energy, and Global Warming, Earth Interactions in press”

When tackling the issues of global warming; changing diets seems to be the hardest thing to let go of, a common excuse seems to be that they simply couldn’t live without the comforts that their diet provides, or where will I get my protein from, or I just don’t like vegetables. It is the mindset of the majority that needs to be changed, to assure meat eaters that a vegetarian or vegan diet isn’t as boring or unappetising as is assumed

Even still being vegetarian or vegan sadly isn’t enough. Our lifestyles need to change and although change is hard, we need to make an impact before its too late. We are making our way with electric cars and renewable energy and on going environmental projects, yet it is still difficult to make a large enough impact to not just fix what humans have done but what we continue to do.



Eshel G, and P A martin 2006 “diet energy and global warming, earth interactions in press”

Singer, P. 2009″The Ethics of What We Eat” WilliamsCollege,14 Dec



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